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The 'F' Word

This is something I believe we have all felt especially over the last 6 months.

F E A R - or how I like to call it - False Evidence Appearing as Reality.

The whole world went into lockdown in 2020. Schools were closed, shops shut down, businesses were grounded to a halt and we were all instructed to stay home and stay safe. We couldn’t see our loved ones, go on holiday and even the basic act of going the toilet had its own irrational 4 ply complications, the restrictions seemed to be endlessly flushing away our freedom.


This suffocating situation led to us finding new ways to occupy ourselves and seek a ‘new normal’ The social media machine kicked into action, suddenly we were getting an insight into the lives of some well-known faces offering cookery tutorials, daily exercise boosters, Tik Tok dance renditions and 1001 ways to make just about anything...believe me I did about 800 of them. Then came the homeschooling bombshell. Now, I am no teacher but I did my best to help my children cope. All the while, in the back of my mind, worrying about the health of my vulnerable family members.

When will this be over, my daughter would ask? When can we visit nan and grandad again? I just didn’t know, I didn’t have an answer and I couldn’t bear to think about the next time we could hug each other and just be in each other’s lives again.

Social Distance

I actually stopped watching the news and the daily updates that only created more fear. Slowly, I used this time to really focus on what I want my life to be like. I started to take the fear out of my life and choosing another ‘f’ word. I started focusing on my business, my passions, my creativity. I had so many ideas but never had any time to execute them...until now!

I gave my website a complete overhaul and added loads of fabulous content. I started writing this blog and launched it to amazing reviews. I planned out my content for the blogs for the next year and the more I did the bigger the creativity flowed. I filmed a makeup tutorial for an online business magazine in LA. I have lots of exciting projects that I will be launching very soon.

Positive Mindset

I started changing my daily habits by getting up early to do yoga and I finally learned how to meditate. I started listening to motivational podcasts and watching business webinars to really fine-tune my mindset. It really helped me find freedom from the 4 walls of fear I was living in. I read a quote that said, “if you do the same things every day you will get the same results”. Now take that any way you like but for me, I knew I needed to reboot my life and make some changes.

This year has driven something deep inside me to come to the surface and it’s here to stay. My beautiful mum always says to me ‘to put one foot in front of the other’ and I think this year this has been incredibly important to realise what we have today, to be grateful for what we have today, and to stop living on autopilot. I am so aware of the life I am living now. I am choosing to live my life, setting goals, making progress, and taking action. When you focus on what you have it leaves no room for fear.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekly installment of RubyLoves fabulousness!

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Lots of Love


RubyLoves xxx

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