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Change Your Life

We are nearly at the end of the strangest year of our lifetime - 2020. What has happened to you? The life you had prior to the pandemic? I think it’s safe to say we have all been trying to make the best of all the uncertainty and make that our ‘new normal’. Coping with being at home more, not seeing our loved ones when and how we want to and the fear of this invisible threat.

I remember in the beginning, I would watch the news and check my phone for the latest developments. Then I thought that is all I am giving my mind to deal with - Catastrophe, Chaos, and Anxiety. I decided that has got to stop, I don’t need to hear about it all day long.

For me this year has brought about many achievements that I have wanted to do but never had the time. I started writing this blog, had my work published in a fabulous online Magazine based in LA & I re-vamped my website. I have built my followers on my Instagram account and I have a few more exciting projects that I will be launching very soon.

HOW DID I DO IT ALL and where did I start?

I needed to replace the negative input with positivity and I started listening to motivational podcasts about mindset, business, and achieving the life you want. I started taking notes and realised I loved what I was learning and my ideas for my own goals started to flow. I’d already written blogs for other brands and I wanted to focus on my own voice and share my knowledge on makeup, skincare, lifestyle & wellness.

I wrote my goals down but this time with the focus of achieving them not just writing them down and dreaming about them. I like to work in 3-month chunks it is much easier to see if what you are doing is achieving results and then you can tweak it and move forward. I have done lots of research & read lots of books and given myself the capabilities to move these goals off the paper and into motion. I believe when you are in-tune to what you really want you are like a magnet for anything that can help you along the way. Who you surround yourself with, the internal dialogue and your overall attitude.

None of this comes easy, you have to switch your brain to the right frequency of abundance and gratitude. It does take time, energy & consistency but it is so worth it. I have a few steps to get you started:-

1. Think of the area you want to change or improve.

2. Why does it need to change or improve?

3. Break the goal down into segments and then work on each piece and set yourself a time frame.

4. Get help if you need to - don't be afraid to ask for help.

5. Never compare yourself to others

Now, imagine how you would feel in 1 year if you didn't make this change? Imagine how you would feel if you didn't do this in 5 years time?

Then, imagine yourself in 1 year if you did achieve your goal. What would you feel like, look like and how would this goal enrich your life? Focus on these answers, this is the outcome you want for yourself. You deserve it and you will find a way to make this happen.

You really are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Set YOUR Goal.

Change YOUR Life.

I hope you make all your dreams come true and enjoyed reading this weeks blog. As always send with lots of love and RubyLoves fabulousness!!

Lots of Love


RubyLoves xxx

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