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What is your Superpower?

All of us are born with a Superpower, a gift, a talent, something you love to do and you do it with passion. You have probably never thought of it as a Superpower but I would ask you to think about it and define it in your mind.

It could be an existing hobby that excites you like creating a piece of art or drawing a portrait or something you haven’t even unearthed yet. I do believe we are all here on this earth to fulfill a purpose not just to exist and do the same thing every day for 50 years and that’s that! To be fulfilled our lives need to have a meaning, a purpose, and an awareness that we have a choice.

It can take a walk down memory lane to when you were a child to think of something you wanted to be when you grew up. What did you dream about when you didn’t have a care in the world? It’s in there, it is in you and you will know exactly what it is when you find it as it will literally feel like a light has gone off inside you.

I like to think back to your younger self, this is you before you had to become a certain person to each person you interact with, in your relationships, your boss, your parents, your children. Always evolving, always striving to be the best, and losing a little of yourself along the way. Unearthing your superpower comes from the true you inside. A shift in your energy will take place when you focus on what you are passionate about.

This can be done at any age, great for teenagers wondering what they want to do with their life. We are programmed to believe we need to do everything in the right order and we will be successful. Now, this is true only if you know what you want to do and you can put all your focus on building your life around this. But, what if you don’t know and you are not sure which way to turn? It leaves you feeling empty and lost wanting to cling on to any opportunity that seems OK. This thinking isn’t any good and will only create resentment down the line. Give yourself a chance to realise what your true superpowers are. It can literally be anything from wanting to help others, creating your own designs, or thinking of something completely new.

Your superpower could be an issue you have struggled with and found a solution that really worked and changed your life for the better. It could be how you got in shape, how you overcome speaking in public, or how you taught yourself to dance. All of these gifts can be used as a platform to help others and become your true calling.

Open your mind to the possibilities that if you can dream it you can create it. If reading this only inspires 1 person then I will have done my best today.

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Lots of Love


RubyLoves xxx

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