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Mascara Masterclass

One of the most asked questions I get is ‘what is the best mascara’? I am actually really picky and I have to say I have some definite do’s and don’ts with mascaras. I am quite a tough customer and where lashes are concerned not easy to please. I love trying new products that claim X, Y, Z. There are so many mascaras on the market right now, you wouldn’t know where to start. The first mainstream

mascara was developed in Chicago in 1915 by a teenage boy believe it or not. He wanted to help his sister Maybel as she was using soot mixed with vaseline to coat her lashes. He called it Maybelline Cake Mascara and it came in a tin with a brush. Using his sister's first name and the ingredient vaseline the name Maybelline was born and this was the first of many cosmetic products from the beauty giant.

I think we are all guilty of ‘Mascara Face’ that funny way you pull your face when applying mascara. There is actually no real reason for doing this. I remember I would watch my mum putting on her makeup and think she looked so funny with her mouth open to apply her mascara and then she would finish and look beautiful. One thing that puts me off mascara is when you take the wand out and it is thick and gloopy with mascara. I hate how messy it can be and I don't have time to be getting rid of the excess mascara. So this is a real No-No for me, even if it's really good I still can't be bothered with the hassle.

Another thing I have found is the wand itself can really make a difference to the application of the mascara. My ultimate preference is a slim brush that allows me to get right to the root of the lashes and wiggle to the tip. This stops the lashes from clumping together and really emphasises the length and lash definition too. Advances in technology have delivered many wand varieties to the market. A fabulous wand idea is from Charlotte Tilbury’s Push-Up Lashes Mascara, it has a flat side to apply the mascara in a lifting motion and then on the other side is the volumising bristles to plump up the lifted lashes. A dream team right there!!

Mascara can be a messy part of the makeup routine if you get it wrong. My tip if you get any on your lid or around your eyes is to wait until it's dry and then pick it off otherwise it tends to leave a grey smear on the skin.

One coat or two? For me its always one coat as I prefer my lashes to be really defined. Adding a second coat is a personal preference and this is definitely for adding more thickness, drama, and depth to your lash line - so perfect for an evening look. Don't forget your lower lashes either. Applying the mascara in a vertical position will add just the right amount of mascara to your lower lashes without saturating them and causing smudges.

One final tip - repeat after me:-

Never, ever pump the wand in and out of the bottle! All this does is introduce air inside the bottle and makes the mascara dry up quicker. Only ever keep mascara for a maximum of 3 months. Any longer and you will be introducing your eyes to unwanted bacteria and a crustier version on your favourite mascara.

I have my top 5 mascara's some of them are oldies but goodies and there are a couple of newbies on the block too.

One of my old favourites is - MAC - Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash this has that super skinny brush head that really lovingly coats every single lash effortlessly. This colour is really blacker than black and feels nourishing on the lashes too.

True Makeup Artist Kit Staple - Maybelline - Great Lash Mascara! in the iconic lime green and pink packaging you literally can't go wrong with this mascara. One is sold every 2 seconds and has been the top-selling mascara for decades in the US. Its a dream to apply with a lovely soft bristle head it just does what it says its a great lash mascara.

I fell in love with this brand for its fabulous results but also for how nourishing their ingredients are - Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes in Black. This gives that smokey eye the Va-Va-Voom you are looking for, perfect for any girls night out. Kind lash loving ingredients really look after your lashes too so you have guilt-free results every time.

Rodial - Glamolash XXL in Black - is a true lash warrior and never fails to amaze me. I can use this on literally anyone and the lashes just come to life. This formula is super black and clings to every lash fibre creating an intense plumped up lash line effect.

Last but not Least is - Charlotte Tilbury - Push Up Lashes Mascara, this has a super lifting effect with ultimate volume creation as a double whammy. This new launch sells out as soon as it comes back in stock so be quick and get on the waitlist!

Lash extensions and lash lift treatments have entered the beauty market place giving another alternative to wearing mascara. This trend is growing rapidly and becoming a new addition to our beauty regimes. Lashes are big business with a reported $8.1 billion in the last year on Mascara alone. Whatever your preference I hope my guide has given you a little help in choosing the right mascara for you.

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Lots of Love


RubyLoves xxx

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