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Brush Strokes

Being a makeup artist I know just how important the right brushes are and it’s essential that they feel right for my clients too. When I first got into makeup I didn’t really understand the importance of the brushes and why I would use a certain shaped brush or how the firmness affected application but I quickly learned that my brushes are my tools and they need to work for me.

I tried a lot of makeup brush brands and I have to say some brands leave a lot to be desired especially if you are using them professionally. When I use my brushes I certainly put them through their paces. After every use, they are washed and sanitised and some brushes do not pass the durability test with brush hairs coming out and the heads detaching from the handle which is obviously no use to me ha! I cant have brush hairs coming off on my client's faces. If my tools don't work then I am not happy at all.

As a rule, my brushes are made from synthetic materials and over the years the quality of these materials has massively improved. Historically, brushes were made from natural fibres, which translates to animal hair. Natural brushes are deemed to be more effective giving a cleaner application than synthetic brushes. However, technology has really stepped up to produce synthetic fibres that mirror the natural hair shape and detail.

Natural hair brushes have a cuticle so are better if used for powder makeup products. The cuticle of the natural hair actually soaks up excess liquid makeup products and makes them more difficult to blend and they tend to clog up. This has a knock-on effect when you come to clean them as they are more difficult to thoroughly clean. There is also the issue of animal cruelty in sourcing the hair and how humane this is. Many brands are steering clear of animal products and opting for vegan & cruelty-free certified alternatives. There are some brands that use natural hair but strongly emphasise that they are made in an animal-friendly manner. One other factor to think about is allergic reactions. As the natural hairs are made from Goat, Squirrel, Weasel, or Pony/horsehair they can cause allergic reactions to some people. Which is obviously something we definitely want to avoid.

Synthetic hair brushes are perfect for applying liquid products are they don't soak up the products at all and you can use less product too. They are easy to clean and the good quality brushes will last years & years. They are made from nylon and other synthetic fibres so will give a smooth finish but can be more rigid than natural hair brushes and because of this, powder makeup products can be trickier to apply and blend.

I have quite a wide spectrum of brands that I use and as I have become more experienced I'm more selective about what brushes I use. I'm finding I want more and more intricate detail brushes to really perfect my makeup artistry application.

Here are my TOP 5 MAKEUP BRUSH brands:

ZOEVA - Is a cruelty-free makeup brand and has the ethos of empowering women to feel beautiful. Affordability with professional results.

SIGMA - Founded just over 10 years ago this innovative brand was born to bring their passions to life. I absolutely love their name creation. We are the sum of our passions symbolized by Σ, the capital Greek letter for a mathematical sum called "Sigma." A pricier option but worth the investment.

BDELLIUM - (Dell-ee-uhm) is a US brand with absolute style and quality at the forefront of all its creations. I have one Bdellium brush in particular that if I ever forget it I literally come out in a cold sweat as I can never find another that quite lives up to this one.

PEACHES & CREAM - A brand born in my home city of Liverpool, already world-renowned with their fabulous hot pink range of brushes and makeup products that really work and are super affordable.

CROWN BRUSH - I have loved this UK brand since forever, they have the most amazing blending brushes that I really cannot be without. In fact, I have about 6 of the same brush just to make sure I always have one clean in my kit when I'm doing a big makeup booking.


I hope you are a bit more clued up on makeup brushes but as always if you need any detailed advice then drop me a message on my Instagram at rubyloves_mua my account is full of tips, brand info, videos and more.

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