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Ace your Base

How to Choose & Apply foundation

If you feel your complexion looks good then you feel good!!

So this week I’ve decided to give you all a little insight into achieving the best base for you. I want to show you just how effective my tips & techniques are at giving the results every girl wants. These pictures are NOT edited or filtered and you can see my personal before and after results. Ok so first of all, I always advise my clients to look at their skincare routine if they have any skin concerns. However, as an award-winning makeup artist, I can correct, conceal, and blur imperfections literally with my eyes closed. Its something I really focus on and its what gives me the edge on creating my flawless bridal looks.


My steps to ‘Ace your Base’ are to choose a primer that suits your skin type. So if you have dry skin choose a hydrating primer. I love ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil as its a gel formula that sinks straight in to leave the skin bouncy & smooth. Alternatively, if you want a matte finish or have an oilier complexion then the ILLAMASQUA Matte Veil is perfect. For dull lackluster skin, the ILLAMASQUA Beyond Veil is a game changer!! It is a highlighting primer that gives the skin a lit from within look. All of these primers feel beautifully comforting on the skin and kindly smooth out the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. I’ve tried so many primers and they are honestly not worth buying, they either end up rubbing off the skin or leave a weird film over the skin. So I would really recommend investing in one of these pots of magic.


It’s best to cover any blemishes with a concealer that has skin nourishing properties. I love TARTE Shape Tape Concealers. They are made from Amazonian clay and contain shea butter to moisturise, mango butter to nourish and licorice root to brighten dark circles. A little goes a long way here so simply pat over the blemish, pigmentation and dark circles. For Rosacea or red skin patches a specific concealer in a green tone will cancel out the redness underneath the foundation base. For deep dark blue circles underneath the eyes a colour corrective cream in a coral will cancel the blue/purple tinge and then concealer can be applied over the top. The key to concealing flawlessly is to apply the right product and blend in small amounts.

B A S E / F O U N D A T I O N

Choosing your foundation can be tricky, which tone? which undertone? matte? dewy? Or full coverage? I always match my clients base according to their natural skin tone and skin type. It looks more complementary to colour match this way even if you want the tone darker. It’s best to add bronzer or contour for a deeper tone afterwards. The other question is do you want full coverage, matte or a dewy look as this will determine the finish.

Application: I love ILLAMASQUA foundations they blend beautifully and look like real skin with true to skin colour tones. I add a few drops of COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops to give a glow too. I also adore the Hollywood Flawless Filter from CHARLOTTE TILBURY. You can either add this to the foundation or its perfect to add a thin veil before foundation. This gives a truly dreamy glow to the skin. Buff in the foundation in a circular motion using a specific foundation brush. I love the REAL TECHNIQUES foundation brush, its super-soft and blends the foundation effortlessly. Only add small amounts and blend and then add more if you need it. The beauty of ILLAMASQUA Skinbase is that it is a buildable formula so you can really build up to a full coverage look or keep it light and natural. I finish by pressing in the CHARLOTTE TILBURY Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder all over the face gently pressing in to minimise any shine, set the foundation, and give an airbrush finish to the skin. Then you can add your blush & contour to define the structure of the face.

So there you have it, your flawless makeup prescription. If you would like to book a personal online makeover course then click the link to find out how to learn the professional tips & tricks to get The RubyLoves Effect.

So guys let me know if you try out my tips & techniques and I will be back next week with more RubyLoves advice and fabulousness!!

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Lots of Love


RubyLoves xxx

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