This is something I believe we have all felt especially over the last 6 months.

F E A R - or how I like to call it - False Evidence Appearing as Reality.

The whole world went into lockdown in 2020. Schools were closed, shops shut down, businesses were grounded to a halt and we were all instructed to stay home and stay safe. We couldn’t see our loved ones, go on holiday and even the basic act of going the toilet had its own irrational 4 ply complications, the restrictions seemed to be endlessly flushing away our freedom.


This suffocating situation led to us finding new ways to occupy ourselves and seek a ‘new normal’ The social media machine kicked into action, suddenly we were getting an insight into the lives of some well-known faces offering cookery tutorials, daily exercise boosters, Tik Tok dance renditions and 1001 ways to make just about anything...believe me I did about 800 of them. Then came the homeschooling bombshell. Now, I am no teacher but I did my best to help my children cope. All the while, in the back of my mind, worrying about the health of my vulnerable family members.

When will this be over, my daughter would ask? When can we visit nan and grandad again? I just didn’t know, I didn’t have an answer and I couldn’t bear to think about the next time we could hug each other and just be in each other’s lives again.

Social Distance

I actually stopped watching the news and the daily updates that only created more fear. Slowly, I used this time to really focus on what I want my life to be like. I started to take the fear out of my life and choosing another ‘f’ word. I started focusing on my business, my passions, my creativity. I had so many ideas but never had any time to execute them...until now!

I gave my website a complete overhaul and added loads of fabulous content. I started writing this blog and launched it to amazing reviews. I planned out my content for the blogs for the next year and the more I did the bigger the creativity flowed. I filmed a makeup tutorial for an online business magazine in LA. I have lots of exciting projects that I will be launching very soon.

Positive Mindset

I started changing my daily habits by getting up early to do yoga and I finally learned how to meditate. I started listening to motivational podcasts and watching business webinars to really fine-tune my mindset. It really helped me find freedom from the 4 walls of fear I was living in. I read a quote that said, “if you do the same things every day you will get the same results”. Now take that any way you like but for me, I knew I needed to reboot my life and make some changes.

This year has driven something deep inside me to come to the surface and it’s here to stay. My beautiful mum always says to me ‘to put one foot in front of the other’ and I think this year this has been incredibly important to realise what we have today, to be grateful for what we have today, and to stop living on autopilot. I am so aware of the life I am living now. I am choosing to live my life, setting goals, making progress, and taking action. When you focus on what you have it leaves no room for fear.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekly installment of RubyLoves fabulousness!

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I am a total skincare advocate, Its the thing that I would personally spend the most money on above hair, clothes, etc. I just feel investing in your skin is so so important. If you look after your skin it will massively make a difference to how you look and how your skin ages when you get older. I am in my forties now and I have looked after my skin since my early twenties. It really wasn’t that sophisticated then, with a cleanser and moisturiser routine in place. But today there are serums and spritz toners, eye creams, potions and lotions you use every other night containing AHA’s, retinol, Glycolic acid and the buzz ingredient at the moment Hyaluronic acid. It’s enough to send your head into a frenzy.

This week I thought I would go over my skincare routine. I have a daily routine and I also do a weekly facial too. This tends to keep my skin in the best condition. So my skin is normal, I do have pigmentation and I am over 40 so looking for my skincare to really target those areas. I love trying new skincare products or when you get a sample to try. I’m always drawn by the smell of products and I do treat it as a lovely experience rather than the chore of taking your makeup off.


In the morning I like to use a cream cleanser, it really wakes me up as well as deep cleaning my skin from the overnight regeneration. I love to use Cleanse & Polish by LIZ EARLE and I have also just started to use the Smoothing Cleanser from TROPIC both have a wonderful fresh eucalyptus aroma with skin purifying properties so my skin feels squeaky clean. I follow this with either Instant Boost Skin Tonic from LIZ EARLE or the Vitamin Toner from TROPIC.

Why use a toner?

So we all know why we need to use a face cleanser but what about a toner? Is it just another step in the process you could miss out and save time and money? Actually it is really important to use a toner straight after you have cleansed to balance out your skins PH level. The skin’s PH level should be around 5.5 to be at its optimal level and give your moisturiser a real chance to infuse the moisture into your skin. Without a toner, your skin can take around 8-10 hours to reach its PH level naturally. This can leave your skin reacting to products and causing skin issues like breakouts and erratic skin one minute dry the next oily or sensitive.

Skin Prescription

I then use a few products from THE ORDINARY I have recently tapped into this brand and they are proving to be real game-changers. The product range comes in cute dispenser bottles with their own dispenser pipettes. I use a product called Argireline Solution 10% around my eyes and across my forehead. I then use Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG around my eyes and on any areas of pigmentation. Lastly, I use the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 all over my face. This cocktail focuses on my skin concerns of fine lines, pigmentation, and hydration.

Moisture Surge

I couldn’t live without moisturiser. I feel as soon as I put it on it changes my skin texture. Obviously without cleansing correctly this step would be a waste of time but I just love how this brings my skin back to life. I am currently using L’OCCITANE Immortelle Cream, it’s a rich luxurious moisturiser that really sinks in deep for long-lasting hydration. And I have been using TROPIC Skin Feast enriched with Hyaluronic acid for intense moisturisation.

Beauty Sleep

Before bed, I cleanse and tone the same as in the morning, and then I have been using a fantastic product called AHA Overnight Facial from THE PRISM LAB. I apply 2-3 pumps all over my face including the eyes and leave for around 5 minutes before applying my moisturiser. This product gives that glow to the skin when you wake up. It gently exfoliates, improves hydration, and really helps with pigmentation too.I have found this product has greatly reduced the overall appearance of my pigmentation. It lasts ages too which is always a bonus.

Weekly Facial Boost

I usually get a bath at night I just love the whole relaxation experience of having 20 minutes to myself. Ill cleanse as normal and then I do a double cleanse just to deep cleanse my pores. I then use my holy grail of exfoliators, its the GATINEAU Radiance Enhancing Gommage it's like a satsuma colour gel that you put onto the face, neck & decolletage and massage it in. After a few minutes, it starts to go into an oilier consistency and that is the process done. No scratchy particles or harsh rubbing, just wipe odd with a warm cleansing cloth and your skin will feel super smooth and plump. I follow this with their Perfection Ultime Radiance Refreshing Mask. I apply this with the brush applicator and leave while I am in the bath to really infuse. Remove after 20 minutes with a warm cleansing cloth. I also recently got a sample of LUSH’s Dark Angel Fresh Cleanser which I was a bit hesitant to try. It's black due to its Charcoal ingredient and is infused with avocado. You take a pinch of the paste on the palm of your hand and mix it with a few drops of water until you get a nice consistency and then apply all over the skin. The first time I tried it I thought my skin is going to be red and irritated but it was amazing I removed the product with a warm cleansing cloth it does take a bit more effort to remove the paste but my skin felt super velvety and bouncy with a smooth finish. I do this once a week too. This is a great product for teenage skin too and can be used daily.

After my bath, I apply the AHA Overnight Facial and then my moisturiser. I am going to be doing skin-specific blog focuses in the coming weeks so if you do have a skin concern then please let me know and I can include that too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I have tried a lot of skincare brands and products and I am not tied to any brands I just love to look after my skin and wanted to share this with you. I am always on the lookout for deals. I just love a deal where it gives you so much value but for something that actually works.

So guys I will be back next week with more RubyLoves advice and fabulousness!!

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The key to being confident is to really embrace your true self, be yourself, be authentically you.

We are all unique and sometimes this gets lost or forgotten about when we try to imitate what we see on social media and ‘reality’ TV. Not meeting these images can have a negative effect on your confidence.

It all starts with you, the people you surround yourself with and the messages you are telling yourself. That internal dialogue is so important.

Growing up I had a few issues with my self-image following on from a traumatic experience. I developed Anorexia. This led me to lose a lot of weight rapidly. I thought I was perfectly normal. I thrived on eating as little as possible and exercising excessively. These quickly became my daily best friends. It actually wasn’t about the way I looked at all it was a way of controlling a part of my life, while everything around me seemed so unstable. It exposed many insecurities about my self-image and led to me analyze every detail of the way I looked. If I have a flat stomach then everything will be ok, crazy thoughts would literally torture my inner dialogue daily. Looking back I think those tender teenage years are so vulnerable. The internal pressure that I put on myself, I questioned everything - Would I be good enough to go to University? What do I want to do? What are my friends going to do? Do I fit in? Basically a mountain of insecurities that I never told anyone about. On the outside, I was actually a quietly confident person, shy to begin with but I always wanted to contribute and share my opinion. I had a curious mind wanting to absorb knowledge and I found meeting people very intriguing.

I eventually went to my GP for help. The help & support I received was amazing. My family and friends were all so relieved. The healing process wasn’t easy, its not a magic formula that instantly makes everything ok. I had to put the work in and the most important thing is that I understood that sometimes its OK not to be OK. Being patient, kind, and compassionate to myself is something I really live by and I encourage my friends and family to treat themselves in this way too.

As I got stronger I started to focus on my capabilities and what I wanted to do with my life. My creative floodgates opened and I have never looked back. Everything I’ve put my mind to I have achieved - yeah I’ve made mistakes along the way, but confidence is believing in myself and trying again. We are all born with greatness & unique gifts, we just need to have the confidence to share them with passion and be ourselves.

Perfection is never going to be achieved. People who strive for this lose the fun and the whole concept is a total distortion of reality. Reaching for perfection is exhausting and it is totally self-inflicted. Giving yourself permission to relax and go with the flow will unlock your true potential. Being authentic is being who you truly are.

My top confidence boosters:

  1. Write down 10 amazing qualities about yourself and keep them somewhere you can read and remind yourself of them. Even better do this with a friend where you both write down 10 qualities about each other and share them.

  2. Be your own best friend and treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you would do your best friend. Know your worth.

  3. Positive vibes only! - If a negative thought enters your mind then replace it with 2 positive thoughts.

  4. Be yourself, be authentic, and don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own style.

  5. Visualise yourself achieving a goal, what does it feel like, how will your life change. Write it down with a date when you want this to happen. Then work backwards from there taking steps to make this happen.

  6. Learn new skills from experts. This will positively reinforce yourself with the capabilities to achieve that goal or next level in your life.

  7. Failure is NOT a negative thing - read that again!! It’s actually a blessing in disguise. A failure can be dissected, take away everything you learned, and try again. I believe we learn far more from our mistakes than we do from our triumphs.

  8. You have got this! - being confident doesn’t mean walking around saying how fabulous you are all day long - its an inner trust in your abilities an inner knowing that you will be ok.

  9. Confidence takes all shapes and sizes. I am a quietly confident person, I do my work behind the scenes, quietly under the radar only surfacing when I’m ready - Boom!! The true key is to be you and find what fits you.

  10. We don’t need to be an expert. It’s ok to learn as you go, wing it for a bit until you find your groove. I learn new things every day. This is what life is all about, growing and enjoying the journey.

  11. Posture - walk the walk is definitely a way to bring your inner cheerleader to the game. Stand tall, shoulders back, and look people in the eye. If you walk into a room all slouched and looking at the floor I’m afraid it’s game over. Your posture is a reflection of how you are feeling so do it with style and finesse.

  12. Do one thing just for you every day - Yes every day, you are worth it and you need to invest in YOU.

  13. Daily Affirmations - So an affirmation is a positive message you repeat to yourself. It could be ‘today I will have an abundance of energy’ or ‘I am fearless’ I love to do this each day when I am doing my morning yoga. I repeat them over and over when I am taking an outward breathe. It sets your mind to a positive place of self-belief.

  14. Do something out of your comfort zone. The level of excitement you get when you achieve a goal like this is so empowering.

  15. Power - never give anyone your power. You are unique and you are strong and the only way you let someone overpower you is if you allow them to. Their opinion only matters to you if you value it. Imagine you are carrying a key in your pocket and this is your power. Always keep this safe in your pocket.

I want women to show up in the world and feel confident, empowered, and strong. Start that business, design that app, build that empire, and dream big!

Ladies, This is your Confidence Call.

So guys I will be back next week with more RubyLoves advice and fabulousness!!

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